Rob Jensen: BYU Alum and Founder of Art for Kids Hub

Oct 07, 2022

Rob Jensen is a BYU graduate who figured out that if he draws a picture of a puppy, or a cat, or a Halloween witch, millions of people will watch him do it. So much so, that he wrapped up his career designing the Mustang with Ford Motor Company in 2012 and started Art for Kids Hub. The YouTube Channel alone has 6.24 million subscribers with over 2.1 billion views.


The Whole Family Joined Us For A Few Minutes


We welcomed Rob Jensen, his wife Teryn and kids Jack, Hadley, Austin and Olivia. Toward the end of the five minutes, Dave asks everyone for their predictions on this week’s BYU vs. Notre Dame football game in Las Vegas:


(video length: 5:29)



Rob Talks About Creating a Successful Business


“I really do give a lot of credit to my time playing football, and also competing on the swim team. Just waking up every day and leaving everything on the field completely applies to doing something professionally.”


(video length: 4:29)



Enjoy the full interview with Rob and the family:


(video length: 35:36)



Enjoy the full livestream from that day:

(video length: 2:05:19)



Enjoy the full livestream as a PODCAST here:



OR, wherever you listen:




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