Marie Osmond Talks About Her Love of Country

Aug 19, 2022

In July of 2022, former BYU student Marie Osmond performed the National Anthem at Provo’s Freedom Festival. Her love of country is apparent as she talks about appreciating those who serve, and their families.


(video length: 1:38)


Marie explains, “The National Anthem is one of those songs that you really should not only know the words, but understand how and why they were written. It’s very moving—but you better know what you’re doing because when those jets fly overhead...whoa!”

(video length: 2:04)



“Bob Hope was like a second dad to me.”


(video length: 2:39)


When Marie posted the video above to her Facebook page on Memorial Day a few years ago, she said, “While you’re out enjoying a day off with BBQs and outdoor adventures, please don’t forget to remember those who sacrificed for us so we could have our freedoms. Memorial Day was set aside for an opportunity to express gratitude to those who served, and although we could never name them all, we do owe them ALL for what they did. After traveling and performing on so many shows with Bob Hope USO, I have a special place in my heart for the military. I also know how much my “two dads”, George Osmond and Bob Craig, and my brother Alan Osmond poured their heart, mind and soul into honoring and serving their country. 🙏”



Enjoy the full interview with Marie:

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