Marc Wilson: BYU Football’s First Consensus All-American

Aug 16, 2022
BYU Quarterback Legend Marc Wilson

Former BYU football quarterback, Marc Wilson, recently took some time to visit with us here on Y’s Guys!


Marc Talks About the Day He Told Lavell, “I’m Quitting Football.”

During the livestream, Marc said he’s never told this story, but after 40 years, maybe it’s time!

(video length: 8:25)



Dave McCann, Blaine Fowler and Marc Wilson Talk About BYU’s Greatest Football Teams

The question is often asked in BYU football an circles, “Which are the greatest teams BYU has ever had?”

(video length: 1:56)



Marc Talks About Robbie Bosco

Marc was asked, “Who is your favorite BYU football quarterback—and you can’t say ’Marc Wilson’.” Marc said that’s a hard question because he loves all those legendary guys, but he decides on Robbie Bosco.

(video length: 1:20)



Enjoy the Full Interview

Marc played for the Cougars from 1976–79 where he piled up huge passing numbers in an era when most football teams were focused on running the ball. In 1979, he was BYU’s first consensus All-American, leading the team to an undefeated season and a berth in the Holiday Bowl. He also finished third in the Heisman voting, paving the way for Jim McMahon, Steve Young, Robbie Bosco, Ty Detmer, and others. Marc was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1996.

He played in the NFL for 10 seasons, primarily with the Raiders, and was selected by the Raiders in the first round of the 1980 draft. In his final two seasons, he played for the Patriots.

(video length: 55:22)



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