Coach Ed Eyestone Talks Big 12 and Bringing Out the Best in Student Athletes

Sep 24, 2022

Ed Eyestone has coached 46 All-Americans and three National Champions in track and he has won 17 conference championships in Cross Country. As a runner himself, he is a national champion, school record holder and two-time Olympian.


Ed is both the BYU Cross Country Coach (since 2000) and the BYU Track & Field Coach (since 2013).


We asked Ed to share his thoughts about joining the Big 12:


As BYU moves toward joining the Big 12 in 2023, Coach Eyestone is sizing up the opportunities and challenges.


(video length: 2:39)



Ed’s Catch Phrase: “Consistent Competence = Eventual Excellence”


During our livestream we asked Ed about how he has consistently, over many years, brought out the best in BYU student athletes.


(video length: 3:27)



Watch the entire interview with Ed Eyestone:


(video length: 21:45)



Enjoy the full livestream from that day:

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