Austin Collie Talks About Team Brotherhood and Competitive Quarterbacks

Sep 25, 2022

Austin Collie caught 106 passes for 1,538 yards and 15 touchdowns—and that was just in 2008! It was also the best season by a receiver in BYU football history. During his three years on the field in Provo, he redefined the receiver position and went on to play in the NFL and in a Super Bowl.


Austin comments on both the feeling with the Colts and the 49ers


During our live stream with legendary BYU football wide receiver, Austin Collie he talked about a recent golfing trip he attended with a bunch of former BYU football teammates. We asked him if the brotherhood feeling is the same in the NFL as it is in college football.


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We asked Austin, “Which quarterback is the most competitive?”


Austin played with three incredibly talented, legendary quarterbacks—namely, Max Hall, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning. “I tried to match the work ethics of these great competitors. They were committed to putting in the time to win.” Austin feels like he reached the next level of play back then because of Peyton’s example and the standard he set.


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Dennis Pitta likes to remind Austin, “You’re a loser, I’m a winner.”


Dennis and Austin are great friends. They watch Super Bowls together even now, with their families! In 2010, when Austin played in the Super Bowl he had 6 receptions for 66 yards, including a 40-yarder from Peyton Manning in the 31-17 defeat to New Orleans.


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